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Sample regular London tours


If you’ve got a day to spare in London, and you want to see the best of the best and make sure you’ve ticked the main highlights off your to-do list, then this tour is for you.

Starting in the 1000 year old City of Westminster and ending in the 2000 year old City of London, this tour will show you the best of 11th century London and the best of 21st century London in one easy walk. You’ll see Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Theatreland, Fleet Street, St Paul’s Cathedral, and much much more.


Chart the history of The City of London from the Old Romans to the New Romantics – 2000 years of history taking in stories of fires and destruction, resurgence and restoration, and hear about fortunes gained, and fortunes lost. You’ll see Roman Walls, Turkish Baths, Greek Architecture, and an abundance of English history all jam packed into 1 square mile.


Yes, you’ll definitely see Buckingham Palace and yes, you’ll definitely get to see a King, Queen or a Prince – there are so many statues to choose from! But you’ll also get to explore houses, places and homes that have helped shape the monarchy over the centuries.

You’ll be walking around St James, Mayfair and Westminster and will hear stories that will enchant even the most avid Royalists.


You didn’t know London also has its own Las Vegas? The only thing is, our den of iniquity dates back a thousand years.

We were doing prostitution, extortion and gangland murders before pretty much anyone else. You’ll get to see all that along with exploring places linked to such quintessentially English cultural icons such as Dickens, Chaucer, Shakespeare and Keats. 

Sample London themed tours


If you know where James Bond is seen for the first ever time on screen, you’ll be able to find the meeting point for this tour. If you don’t – I’ll tell you, but might have to kill you afterwards…

You will surreptitiously move through the streets of Westminster and discover for yourself sites and scenes from the life of Ian Fleming and his incredible Secret Agent, James Bond. You’ll get to see exact filming locations of some of Bond’s most famous encounters as well as exploring places that Ian Fleming gained much of his inspiration from.


If you grew up with Clapton, The Stones, Bowie and the Beatles and now you’re dry and sober and want to see where the swinging 60s all happened, then this is the tour for you. Come and find out the only place in London that John, Paul, George, and Ringo lived together, or how about finding the Ziggy Stardust doorway (if you know what I’m talking about, you definitely need to come on this tour).


Finding your way around London is so much easier since the introduction of modern transportation systems and public transport. Come and explore the history of London’s transport and its impact on Kings Cross and the surrounding area.

Discover a world of travel from days gone by and be transported to a future London to see what the roads and rails of the future will look like. Trace the routes of the capital from the earliest days of road transportation, the underground, the canals, the railways and take a glimpse into the future of cars as well.


You don’t have to be Jewish, but if you are, you’ll understand the difference between schmate and schmaltze. You’ll know what I mean when I tell you that this is where your Bubbeh or Zayde might have lived – and for those who aren’t, well, you’ll enjoy the tour even more by learning a whole new language as well as being guided through the East End of London glimpsing into the area once associated with Jewish immigration and now one of the most culturally diverse and exciting parts of London.


I know what you’re thinking, a tour to see the best of British bravado, daring war stories, British Bulldogs, stiff upper lips and Winston Churchill. Well, you got the Winston Churchill part right.

This is, after all, a tour to take in one of Churchill’s favourite pastimes. A spirits tour of London, the perfect tonic. The tour will take you to old watering holes, new distilleries and the opportunity for a tasting.


St Paul’s Cathedral, one of London’s most incredible buildings and an icon on the skyline for over a 1000 years. But apart from the obvious Jewish connection – well St Paul was born Jewish after all – come on this tour and you’ll see remnants from the Temple from Jerusalem, Hebrew writing, and even the burial place of a Jewish man. As well as seeing for yourself why St Paul’s Cathedral has been the people’s church in London    

Admission fees apply.


Tour From Your Door – A highly bespoke service that is perfect as a birthday, moving house, or wedding present. Or if you have a large turnover of new staff or visitors to your company, this tour will offer a local tour of your area.

Whether your goal is to help new staff settle in to their environment, or to offer the newly-wed couple a chance to learn more about their new area, this is the tour to get. 


Imagine a chauffeur picking you up and driving you around London on a bespoke whisky tour of London giving you the opportunity to see whisky being distilled, to have a wee dram on the way, and finally end up at a specialist whisky shop to take some souvenirs of your trip. Well, all that is available on my exclusive Whisky & Ride tour. If you’re a whisky fan of whiskies from anywhere in the world, and you’re in London, but can’t quite get as far as Scotland on your trip, then this is for you.


Join me as we venture into the heart of Soho for a unique insight into the world of The Blues. British Blues are alive and kicking and the epicentre of both the historical and the current crop of venues is in Soho, where many of the most famous musicians on the planet started their musical careers playing in bars and nightclubs in the area. Come and find out where the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones used to hang out. We can even end the tour with a taste of the Blues at one of today’s premier music venues.

Sample day trips out of London


“Why did they build the castle so close to Heathrow Airport?” is one of the regular questions that guides get asked.

On this tour, you will get to see why, approximately, 900 years before the airport was built, William the Conqueror chose the site for one of his most phenomenal castles. Windsor Castle is today the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. You’ll get the chance to wander around the palace with it’s priceless collections and explore the grounds, as well as taking a short trip across the River Thames to Eton, home of the world-famous college.  

Admission fees apply.


Come and take the My London Tour Guide tour to England’s celebrated pilgrimage city and let’s make it less grim and more fun.

You’ll see Canterbury Cathedral soaring into the sky, its imposing vaulting and fine stained glass inspiring awe and admiration in equal measure. It is the burial place for King Henry IV and the fearsome 14th century royal warrior known as the ‘Black Prince’, but its hallowed stones will forever be associated with the martyrdom of Archbishop Thomas Becket, marked today with a single, eternally lit candle in the cathedral where he was killed in 1170.

Your private tour will show you beyond the cathedral and around this charming city, with medieval streets and river to go boating on and possibly combining visits to Dover, Leeds Castle or Hever Castle or Kent country ‘garden of England’ or Churchill’s home at Chartwell.


“You’re going to Oxford”, my mother screamed down the phone with excitement, and you will be equally excited when you join this tour of the City of Dreaming Spires. Oxford isn’t just one of the most beautiful cities in England, it’s also one of the most quintessentially English towns where ancient tradition’s blend effortlessly with cutting edge world class forward thinking.     

One of the oldest universities in the world, students have been studying at Oxford since the 11th century. Since that time, Oxford has educated 28 British Prime Ministers, over 30 International leaders, 55 Nobel Prize Winners and 120 Olympic Medal Winners and you too will get to learn all about this incredible seat of learning by engaging in its history and legends. 


Designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, you’ll see stunning landscapes and farms, babbling streams and sweeping green valleys.  

Its villages evoke a bygone age of pastoral tranquillity. From the heights of Stow-on-the-Wold with its ancient wool church and market square, to the gentle stream running through picture-perfect Bourton-on-the-Water, you’ll discover delightful villages and country lanes that evoke the essence of the English countryside.

Visit The Slaughters – nothing violent, just exquisite thatched cottages, gift shops, country pubs and tea-rooms – the perfect Cotswold villages and not to be missed. I’ll show you the secrets and charms of this unique landscape and rural way of life.


Book a tour of the city of Bath and hear stories of the city’s origins as the country’s only natural hot-water springs. Be enraptured by legends of Celtic gods and Bladud, a local king with a nasty skin problem and learn how it developed under the Romans into a sophisticated cultural resort and social settlement.

Visit inside the ancient Roman baths, see the water bubbling up from underground and sip a sample (if you wish). Walk across the honey-coloured limestone bridge designed by Robert Adam in the late 18th century – the only river crossing in England that still has shops along it. Take in the perfection of neo-classical architecture cascading down the hillsides around the Royal Crescent and The Circus.

Walk the elegant streets and hear stories from your private guide of Jane Austen and her life in Bath. Find out how the city became the most fashionable town in Britain during the 18th century – an elegant spa and social scene to which the fashionable world flocked for ‘the season’.

After visiting the Abbey, try a local Bath bun with tea or sample a Sally Lunn.


The mysteries are many: why did our ancestors build the henge? How did ancient people move 40 ton stones over many miles before the development of wheels? How did they erect them upright in well-engineered stone circles? Are human remains buried there and in the barrows that pepper the surrounding landscape? Are there magic energy lines under the earth? Why do thousands of people come here at the summer solstice?

All these questions and more will be explored when you visit Stonehenge.


“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it” so said William Shakespeare in As You Like It, and he could well have been talking about Stratford Upon Avon, his birthplace.

You’ll visit some of the most significant places in Shakespeare’s life – where he was born, the church where he was baptised, and later buried, the school he attended, the home he lived in with his wife, Anne Hathaway, and the places and theatres that have since become associated and closely connected to the Bard. Full of original 16th century buildings, a visit to Stratford-upon-Avon is hugely rewarding for lovers of Shakespeare, architecture and English history.